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...ilene had a desire to pursue voice over in the late 1970's when, at the same time, the fitness industry literally swept her off her feet! Teaching dance-oriented exercise classes at the YMCA quickly proved to be a platform for developing a loyal following and the precursor to her own highly successful dance-fitness business, Fit n' Image, Inc.

  In 2004, after two decades as lead instructor, choreographer, and ACE certified personal trainer, her passion for voice over resurfaced. In 2006, with the timing right, a leap of faith and a studio engineer who believed in her, ilene landed a commercial voice over radio spot. More gigs soon followed as well as private coaching. Education and training continues...and with some of the best in the industry. It's all good.


Voice Coach/Training Intensive/Elaine Clark/Owner
Voice One VO/Acting School/San Francisco

VO Commercial Workshop/VO Coaching
Andy Field/ABC News Correspondent
Media Specialist/Bethesda, MD

VO Marketing Seminar/Workshop
Harlan Hogan/Voice Over Actor/Author/Chicago

Voice Coach/Private/John Burr/Bethesda, MD

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